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SOF model  "Drop and Flow"

When we have untangled the rope and released it, we can begin to flow with our present and our future.  Start a new chapter, knowing that, thanks to our past, we are who we are now. It teaches us to embrace our marks, folds and remember them with courage.

The coexistence of these feelings, past and present, of our history allows us to finally "escape." This feeling inspires a stiletto slingback design made of leather where the folds that are drawn on the tip resemble the marks of our past, but on this a bow is born that symbolizes the end of a chapter, but the beginning of another. All this on a 7cm heel.



Heel: 7

SOF model

  • Cut by Javier, Aparado by Nestor, Armed by Iván, Finished by Marina.

    Design by Milagro Olivares.

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