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Men's Jungle

No one should feel limited to playing with fashion. That is why within the Míloli World we created a space for all men to have the opportunity to enjoy and have fun with fashion.


Variety of texture and colors, in this jungle of pieces we focus on breaking the rules to build new imaginaries.

Míloli Mens does not have collections, nor defined themes. We launch 4 models per year and on them you can mix colors or types of leather. And it is that after 2 years of work on this proposal, we extend the limits of our small universe to enhance the variety of male designs in this market.


Welcome to this new space #MiloliMens

Mod. Men-4.png

Mod. Men 001- Print red

Mod. Men 001- Camel

Mod. Men-5.png
Mod. Men-10.png

Mod. Men 002 - Green Print

Mod. Men 002 - Black

Mod. Men-11.png
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