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Cat Model


Holly the dreamy, infatuated, crazy girl who, in turn, was a free soul, shared her life with her cat. A cat, which had no name because she did not feel she owned anything. The nature and personality of the cat is a reflection of Holly, a "wild creature" who loves freedom and hates any type of cage, including love. And it is what the "Cat" represents as a character that inspires a design of platform sandals with ankle strap design. The only design in the collection that does not carry accessories because first we are ourselves and along the way of life we are transforming, maturing, growing, adapting until we are who we should be… but our essence always remains intact.



Heel: 13cm

Platform: 4cm

Cat Model

  • Cut by Javier, Aparado by Nestor, Armed by Iván, Finished by Marina.

    Design by Milagro Olivares.

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