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ENU model  "Tangling Knots"

Search for answers and get entangled in them. We have reached the point of trying to locate the core of the error and with each one form a knot to study its exact shape and composition. Visiting the past to try to understand it, making entanglements or looking for excuses to continue denying the undeniable. From this feeling is born a Pump design in suede where ties are drawn at the ankles in knot shapes that are contrasted with a delicate and terrifying tie at the toe, images of two different and opposite realities. The real and the fantasy. All framed in a 9cm heel.



Heel: 9

ENU model

  • Cut by Javier, Aparado by Nestor, Armed by Iván, Finished by Marina.

    Design by Milagro Olivares.

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