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Carrie Model

Carrie Bradshaw known for her unique way of dressing, managing to unite several styles in a single outfit. It has the shoe closet most envied by all women. Woman who knows how to give herself to love, even if it is often unrequited. She continues to believe and try, she is in love with love, or the possibility that Mr. Big decides to commit to her. His personality and above all his style, are what inspire this design armed in suede with fine wave cut on the sides and mouth of the shoe, all supported on a metal heel inlaid with Swarovski crystals.  A unique women's shoe that only she could inspire.



Taco: 10

Carrie Model

  • Cut by Javier, Aparado by Nestor, Armed by Iván, Finished by Marina.

    Design by Milagro Olivares.

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